Kwik Sew 4171

Hello!  I am knee deep in K4171.  They lie… This is not a ‘kwik’ sew. I am making view a, with neck and arm bands. They have you cut a ~6 inch piece of elastic and sew it while stretching across the back of the bodice. This seems like too much stress for a single layer of jersey to support, so I used knit interfacing to reinforce it. However, they should not have you cut the elastic to size!  When you get 3/4 of the way down, it becomes impossible to stretch the tiny bit of elastic sticking out from in front of the presser foot. So one side is more shirred.  They should have you cut a longer piece, and just mark with a pen where it needs to be stretched to.  Then cut off the excess elastic. 

See that last little 2 inches on the left in the above photo, no shirring.  Grrrr.  

I will finish this up tomorrow. I need to walk away. The hemming on this beast will be a chore. 

 Hmmm, I am already mentally moving on to my next project: the City Girl Frock and Top by See Kate Sew. I scored some nice thick sweater knit in an ombré pattern. I bought  black/grey and red/orange yardage of these. One for a dress version and one for the top. 

I also ordered the Lottie Blouse from Simple Sew? Magazine (a UK publication).  At my job, 95% of the time I dress ultra casual. I do field work and often need to wear clothes that will get ruined. But I was asked to attend a meeting with elected officials last week, and freaked out after realizing I have no nice clothes!  

Luckily, that meeting was postponed giving me time to sew some respectable office clothes. I will start with the Lottie blouse and maybe the included skirt. I will straighten it to a straight skirt, as I am a pear shap and pencil skirts do not make me feel great to wear. 

Does anybody have any good office wear patterns they love?  


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